DIY Silly Putty

Hey Everyone,

Don’t you just love Snow-days….the dark bitter cold, the winds, the being stuck in the house???

Well, if like me you don’t, here is an activity to help you pass the time!



DIY Championship Belts

For this weeks makerspace activity the students and I will be making Championship Belts & Crowns. These were the ideas of the students, so my job was to turn their ideas into reality.

Up first is this super cool championship belt you see below!20170213_101608

This came out better than expected, and my daughter is already dancing around the house with it on. As this is a makerspace activity you can have conversations with your students (or kids) around the following;

Names of Shapes

What it means to be a Champion or Hero

How to make their belt unique

and much more.

Click here for the instructions, and here for a free template, & here for more maker activities!

Making Polymer Clay Bracelets

Hey Everyone! Im back with another easy tutorial making Polymer Clay Bangles. This is something anyone can make, and is a hit with kids (and is a great snowday activity). If you are looking for more fun and easy activities that can be done with kids please be sure to check out my HAPPISPACE page.



*If this is a one time or once in a blue moon activity a regular oven is fine. However, if planning to use polymer clay on a more regular basis (as the possibility of finished projects are limitless) think about getting a toaster oven solely for this purpose. This is because polymer clay is made from polymer- a plastic and who wants to worry about getting those chemicals in their food. Toaster ovens can be found in thrift stores, Target, or anywhere. I got mine in Target for $25.

The beginnings of HAPPISPACE

This past week I began piloting my mobile afterschool makerspace for elementary students, HAPPISPACE. For those of you asking, “What is a mobile makerspace?” Its a movable place where children (and adults) can explore, create, tinker and discover using any, and every tool available to them. Mobile makerspaces can be found in your school library, a recreation center, or your local university.

HAPPISPACE is located in a childcare center. This was a strategic choice as many school age children in my neighborhood attend these centers for after school programming, so since they can’t come to the library, university, or museum I decided I would go to them.

For our first session we made Buckminster Fuller shapes. We discussed, and modeled, how the triangles, unlike squares and rectangles, remain stiff under pressure. While making our domes we also had to taste the marshmallows, to ensure they would work, lol. Eventually the students then made their own shapes, thus using their creativity to invent something new! Check out the pictures from this activity below.

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P.S. Next weeks’ activity involves a graffiti wall and walking water, be sure to check back!