Colored Girl Convos

Colored Girl Convos is a weekly vlog series that shares the dreams and wishes of the ordinary extraordinary colored girl through casual conversations. Produced by Shayla ‘HAPPIMADE’ Amenra with The Colored Girls Museum the aim of colored girl convos is to highlight & celebrate the everyday, ordinary extraordinary colored girl!

Trailer for Colored Girl Convos

 Convo #1- Shayla Amenra

Convo #2- Chinazo Enigwe Who: Owner/Editor-in-Chief KAMSI Magazine

Convo #3-  Nicole Cameron

Who: Teacher & Owner of Kingston Koutoure

Convo #4-  Christina Owens

Who:Co-Owner of Sweet Escape Cupcakery

Convo #5-  Renee Harris

Who: Owner & Operator eSTeEM Girls

Convo #6- Marsha Lodge

Who: Owner Wellness ReBirth

Convo #8- Aisha Toombs

Who: Teacher & Author- Nerdy Bunny

Convo #9 -April & Lucille Coleman

Who: Sisters-in-Law

Convo #10- Tamara Johnson

Who: Owner & Designer: Liliglow Boutique

Convo #11-  Christina May

Who: Artist, Educator, Lover

Convo #12 – Monica Monique

Who: Owner & Designer: Oxymoron Boutique

Convo #13 – Joyce  Mercer

Who: Owner of Jewelry With Me

Convo #14 – Drayona Denson

Who: Student @ Pamona College