DIY Championship Belts

For this weeks makerspace activity the students and I will be making Championship Belts & Crowns. These were the ideas of the students, so my job was to turn their ideas into reality.

Up first is this super cool championship belt you see below!20170213_101608

This came out better than expected, and my daughter is already dancing around the house with it on. As this is a makerspace activity you can have conversations with your students (or kids) around the following;

Names of Shapes

What it means to be a Champion or Hero

How to make their belt unique

and much more.

Click here for the instructions, and here for a free template, & here for more maker activities!


D.I.Y. Moroccan Inspired Side-table

Hi Everyone,

I am in the process of sprucing up my downstairs (livingroom, dining & kitchen), so Pinterest is my go to thing right now. Last week I saw this small side-table on Pinterest and fell in love:

right-moroccan-inspirationThis was, until I saw the $330 price tag. Like seriously, wth….for a small side-table?!? So I decided to make my own, and you can check out the quick process below. Btw, the total cost was under $20. (I already had the spray paint and glue.)