Up-Cycling a Thrift Store Bench

Sorry for the delay everyone! I can say it was for something worth while…I am now Shayla Amenra M.Ed.!!! Yes, I was busy finishing up a Masters so fun, and life, had to take a backseat. But…. now that I AM DONE……its about to be project overload. SO sit back, relax and let the fun begin!

First up is this little thrift store bench. I got this bench for $5 about 3 years ago, and its been looking like this for the last year


This is a disgrace! How have I been living with this in my house?! Anyway, this is what I did to make this horrible bench go from, “oh no”, to “oh yes”.


First, unscrew/unhook the seat from the base like so..


Next, select a fabric . (I chose this one from Gafney’s¬†Fabric in Philadelphia.)


Next you want to cut out a piece slightly bigger than the seat.



Now, to get a nice fit, you want to staple one side, gently tug and then staple the other side.img_0023

Next, you want to get a good sandpaper and work those arm muscles! This step can be skipped, but any lumps, bumps, and imperfections will show. After you give your bench a good sanding, pick a good paint color, and get to work. This color is a mixture of 2 leftover cans of paint i had in my basement.


After the paint dries simply reattach your newly re-upholspered seat cushion, and viola! This bench can now proudly sit in my living room, instead of hiding in my basement.


Be sure to tell me what you think!