Supplies for A Makerspace and Kinetic Sculpture

This week for class I had two separate assignments that I really enjoyed working on. The first was preparing a presentation on the two most important tools for a makerspace. The second was to creating a kinetic sculpture.

As part of my thesis I am looking at makerspaces. One of the questions I see many people asking is “what are some tools that make a ‘great’ makerspace”, so I was glad Allison, my professor, asked us to name our choices. So without further ado, here are my two must haves for a good makerspace.


First Tool: Computer

Why: With access to a computer you can essentially learn how to make, fix, alter almost anything using a search engine. A computer gives you access to various online communities with their own specialties. Within these communities you can learn new ways of making a particular item, you can discuss problems with your item, and collaborate on ways to fix problems with your designs. I would even gor further and specify a Mac computer just because of the extra items such as IMovie and GarageBand, offering additional things I could make.

Second Tool: Dremel with workstation with Attachments

Why: A small Dremel with a workstation and its’ allows turns a simple dremel into a drill press, a flex shaft and a rotary tool. This then allows anyone to drill holes, polish metal objects, sand and grind. One could woodwork, make jewelry, fix household objects and solder just about anything you can think of.

For this weeks ‘make’ project we were tasked to make a Kinetic sculpture. I love mobiles and the beach, so when I was offered a free bag of seashells I knew exactly what i wanted to make. Using my dremel, I drilled holes in the shells, and combined them with beads I already owned. I then wrapped it all with copper and the final result is below. I am thinking of making more, what do you guys think?