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Zircon, not Zirconia

So not too long ago my husband surprised me while we were at the Bead Show in some far off PA county with this beautiful zircon wedding ring20160830_134237I LOVE this ring!  It hasnt been cleaned in a while and its still beautiful. Its me; a hint of classic with the setting, with and off-beat stone (and rose gold) to fit my quirkiness. I’m often asked about this stone, as it isn’t traditional and the brilliance lets you know its not your typical stone. So here is the rundown on Zircon:

  1. Its not a cubic zirconia. Zircon; unlike cubic zirconia, is a naturally occurring stone.
  2. Its’ brillance’ and ‘fire’ is similar to that of diamonds.
  3. Bright Red and Green  and Blue Zircon are the most valuable
  4. It contains radioactive trace elements that make the internal crystal break down over time. Many are heat treated to reverse this damage, or to enhance its color.

To learn more about Zircon check out this page at GIA!


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